Memorial Day Bulletin Board Ideas

In the United States, Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday in May and honors those Americans who lost their lives fighting in wars. Bulletin boards are such an important component of a classroom’s atmosphere. Honor Memorial Day with patriotic bulletin boards. Students love to help with decorating, so encourage children to get involved with elements of the display. Here are few simple and inexpensive ideas for Memorial bulletin boards for classrooms.


Borders and Backgrounds
The borders and backgrounds for a Memorial Day should be patriotic colors: red, white, and blue. Use inexpensive or recycled materials for the background such as dyed burlap, an old tablecloth, curtain or sheet, or construction paper. Create a coordinating, creative border that simulates the stars or stripes of the flag.

Decorative Items
To decorate the center of the bulletin board, consider adding items that reflect America, fallen soldiers, and patriotism.  This includes flags, crosses, bald eagles, candles, pinwheels, photos of fallen soldiers, and names of fallen soldiers.  Another idea is to add a patriotic poem or words to a patriotic song. Students may also write a few words about their feelings of gratitude for those who have served to protect them.

Bulletin Board Titles
Bulletin board titles should reflect appreciation and support for those Americans who have fought in wars and American patriotism. Some examples:
 We Remember
• God Bless America
• Happy Memorial Day
• Stars and Stripes Forever

Here is an example of a Memorial Day classroom bulletin board:

We Remember
Cover the bulletin board with red, white or blue fabric. Together with the class create a flag and several white crosses. Then, each child can create a memorial ribbon out of construction paper. Next, ask each child to think of a soldier who has fought for our country or to remember something or someone special. Children can write the name of the person or place on the memorial pin. Add the American flag, crosses and a memorial pin to the bulletin board. Title the bulletin board “We Remember”.

 What other Memorial Day bulletin board ideas would you like to share? Leave us a comment and let us know!

About the Author
Carla received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Consumer science with an emphasis in Child Development. She also holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree, specializing in public librarianship and youth services.