Handprint Bald Eagle Bulletin Board for Memorial Day

Create a memorable classroom Memorial Bulletin Board that will help honor America's fallen soldiers. This bulletin board idea via Patties Classroom is really creative and patriotic. Kids can make handprint bald eagles and then share stories and feelings about Memorial Day.


The handprint bald eagles are really fun and easy to make with instructions found at Mind Games. To make the handprint eagles, gather:

  • Blue construction paper
  • Brown tempera paint
  • White tempera paint
  • Yellow tempera paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Embellishments (ribbon, stickers, stamps, etc.)
  • Writing paper
  • Pencils

I highly recommend using non-toxic, washable tempera paint for handprint crafts. Also, be sure to cover the activity area with newspaper or butcher paper because this project can get messy.

First, have the kids make the body of the eagle by making two brown handprints on the blue paper, keeping the thumbs together.  Then, have the children paint the pinkie side of their closed fist with white paint, and then press it above the body to create the head.  

Help kids paint one thumb yellow and have the kids make a yellow thumbprint to create the beak. Then, kids can dot on an eye after dipping their pinkie in black paint.  You can let the kids decorate their pictures with any patriotic embellishments they like, such as stars or red, white and blue ribbon.

Next, have the kids write a little bit about Memorial Day. They can explain why we celebrate Memorial Day, write a story about someone they know who has died in war, or describe what it means to be an American. Then, attach the children’s stories to the bulletin board beneath their bald eagle.

About the Author
Carla received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Consumer science with an emphasis in Child Development. She also holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree, specializing in public librarianship and youth services.